Overknees and Knit Skirt
Fashion, Outfits

Fashion gets me every time! Do you know why? Every year there are new opportunities to get creative. You have the possibility to join a new trend or just let it be. Old trends always seem to come back but in a different light.

Camel Coat and Cowboy Boots
Fashion, Outfits

The camel coat is a classic staple any woman should have in her closet. All this time I’ve searched for a perfect camel coat – unfortunately without success. When searching for classics you should take your time. I did find some camel coats, but I was not always happy about the coat or the tone….

Beauty, Beauty Talk

Some of you might know the problem: as a child you had to wear loose braces and of course you didn’t wear them as advised; or maybe normal braces didn’t really work out in the long term.. Many causes lead to the continuous thought of getting braces as an adult. Straight teeth correspond to today’s beauty…

Turtleneck Dress On The Luster Edition
Fashion, Outfits

My first outfit with bright boots! Usually I wear colored or black boots – or some with patterns! Going for bright boots was an easy decision while I was shopping online, but when they arrived, I tried them on and left them in their package for one week. Normally, I would return them. But not…